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Hi, I'm Mario Sanchez Carrion. I am a junior web developer and programmer based in Miami. I currently work full time as a marketing manager for a large industrial and consumer goods manufacturer, but web development and coding are my passions and what I spend my time doing when I'm not at work. This is a personal site I put together to keep track of what I learn.

Why Code?

After 20+ years working in marketing and commercial roles I noticed that I am still an engineer at heart, and coding is an activity that appeals to my left-brain-oriented personality. In a sense, coding has brought me back to my roots. I started taking up coding more seriously a couple of years ago, learning something new every day and making coding practice the main activity during my free time.

How Did You Learn To Code?

I am mostly self-taught using freely available online resources. I also found the courses at Treehouse very helpful and well worth the $25 a month subscription fee, especially if you're just starting. I have also completed the WebDev and the CS50xMiami programs at The Idea Center. The edX platform is also a great place to find courses that you can take for free and at your own pace.

About This Site

This site is built with a static site generator called Metalsmith, made with NodeJS. When I want to update the site, I just write content in Markdown and then run Metalsmith to create the site's HTML files. Those files are then deployed to a Digital Ocean virtual private server. The site's files are version-controlled with Git and hosted in a Github remote repository.

This site is served on your browser using HTTPS, or Secure HTTP, thanks to Let's Encrypt. That means that all communications with this site are encrypted and secure. Also, this site doesn't track you, nor does it use any third party tracking tools. There are no Google Analytics and no social media share buttons installed.

The site's source code is open-source and hosted in Github. In the spirit of sharing feel free to use the style sheets and templates for your own site if you want (just add your own content).

What Else?

I usually travel several times a year for work and pleasure and attend coding classes or meetups whenever I can. Here are some pictures of places I've been. I also keep a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.


The best way to contact me is by email:

Email: mario (at) mariosanchez (dot) org

PGP Fingerprint: D9FA 4AC6 F574 314F D1C3 01CC 60B6 81F3 7E86 9B96 (public key)

I don't use Facebook or Twitter. I do use Github.

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