home computer

These are the tools I'm currently using for web development:

  • Computer: Toshiba Satellite C55 (less than $300 at any store in the US). I also have an older Toshiba Satellite that I use to experiment: recently, I wiped out the hard drive and installed Ubuntu.
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Terminal Emulator: Git Bash (Linux terminal emulator that comes with Git for Windows).
  • Static Site Generator: Metalsmith, a simple, pluggable static site generator made with JavaScript.
  • Responsive Framework: Skeleton.
  • Icon Toolkit: Font Awesome and Font Mfizz.
  • Version Control: Git.
  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code.
  • Image Bank: Pixabay.
  • Hosting: Github Pages.
  • Cloud Server: Digital Ocean virtual private servers (VPS).

The basic workflow I follow to update this site goes like this:

  1. Write posts or page content in Markdown.
  2. Go to the root folder of my project: / and run Metalsmith: npm start. This converts the markdown files to HTML and saves the updated site in the /public folder.
  3. Git commit the changes in the / root folder and in the /public folder: git add --all and git commit -m "made some changes".
  4. Push the source files in the / folder and the HTML site in the /public folder to Github: git push origin master.
  5. Open my browser and check that the site looks fine. If something is off, fix it and go back to #2.

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