These days I spend Monday through Friday at my full time job, and most of my nights and weekends teaching myself how to code, and reading good non-fiction books.

To help me in my coding journey I enrolled in Treehouse, which I have found immensely helpful.

My current focus is learning JavaScript Classes and other features of JS ES6.

I am also testing an analog organization and scheduling system called BulletJournal. I find it extremely user-friendly and easy to use; if I find that it works for me I will make it my default organization system in 2018.

Other than that, I follow a daily morning stretching and strengthening routine complemented by gym sessions on weekends, and try not to miss any game of my favorite soccer team: Argentina's River Plate.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiring this page.

USA 2017Stack: Ubuntu > Metalsmith > Git > VPS